Terms Of Use

operates a platform linking Sellers to Buyers.Services are offered on ikms through either Hourlies, which are fixed price services; or Custom Jobs, which can be fixed price, price per hour or price per item. Services delivered in these ways on ikms are collectively referred to in these terms as “Jobs”.Whether or not a Job is offered and/or accepted is entirely at the discretion of the Seller/Buyer. ikms has no control over this process. Services are provided by Sellers directly to Buyers, who determine the deliverables, price and all other requirements. On Commencement of a Job the Buyer pays funds into the Escrow Account, and the Buyer must confirm their requirements upfront in the WorkStream. The Seller must provide regular progress updates and respond within one (1) working day to all messages from the Buyer, in the WorkStream. Sellers must deliver work within the delivery times either defined in their Hourlie, or agreed with the Buyer upfront in the WorkStream for Custom Jobs. Sellers' rankings will be penalised for late delivery. Sellers must fulfill their Jobs and Buyers agree to pay for work delivered. Users will be penalised for cancellations or refunds caused by them, without just reason. Sellers must provide, and be given the opportunity by the Buyer to provide, at least two further iterations on the work delivered if the Buyer is not initially satisfied. Once the Job has been completed the Seller will raise a request to receive payment, including the release of funds held in the Escrow Account. Sellers must not request payment upfront before work has been completed. Buyers must pay within the 7 day payment terms. All payments for work completed must go via ikms unless ikms has given its express written permission otherwise in relation to a specific payment or invoice; attempts to pay outside of ikms will lead to sanctions not limited to immediate account suspension. Users must immediately report to IKMS.CO any offers to pay outside of ikms made by their Buyer or Seller. Once payment has been made, Buyers are granted all rights for the delivered work. For purposes of service messages, notices, offers and news about ikms, Users receive alerts on certain pages and emails to the email addresses associated with their accounts. Users can easily unsubscribe from any email notification using an unsubscription link found at the end of any email as well as their Settings page